Herakles II, together with Deutsche Bank on a 50:50 equity investment basis, has acquired a French performing loans portfolio from Banca Intesa San Paolo. The portfolio, consists of 564 loans secured by 533 assets, mostly second homes of Italian borrowers due to the portfolio originating from an Italian seller. The deal encompasses a parallel agreement with Deutsche Bank, providing 75% of the funding of the purchase price. The transaction confirms the excellent reputation of APartners, gained on the field, able to relate with the main players in the market. 

APartners Capital, through its investment funds, acquired Palazzo D'Avalos in Naples, a monumental building that is part of the historical and cultural heritage of the city. The operation was strongly desired by APartners, both for its value in terms of investment rationale, and for the importance from the complete architectural recovery of Palazzo D’Avalos can have for the city of Naples.

The negotiation was long and complex and was able to materialize thanks to the will of the Ferlaino family, previous owner of the property and minority shareholder, and to the achievement of an agreement with Prince Carlo Andrea d'Avalos, thanks to which the numerous legal disputes that delayed the building development project have been settled

APartners Capital, through its investment funds, has acquired 100% of the share from Alleans-Renewables. The renewable energy asset manager, with offices in London, Hong Kong and New York was a business regarded as one full of value and of increasing growth in the long term. The company covers all aspects of project origination and development, as well as their construction and the financing. With the aim to become a key player in the Development of Renewable Energies, the full acquisition of Alleans’s shares will materially boost APartner’s growth in the ATUM fund, and in turn increases the alternative investment fund company to increase the renewable assets under management. 

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