Our platforms

Herakles Fund, Herakles II Fund & Herakles III Fund

We invest in special situations and credit opportunities, including in loan portfolios and private equity with a focus on delivering capital preservation and attractive risk-adjusted returns for our clients regardless of market conditions.

Our Investment Approach

These funds are managed by an investment team which works across all stages of the investment’s life cycle, from sourcing and due diligence during the acquisition process, to monitoring of investments throughout the holding period and monetization process.


APREF I invests actively in value added / core plus real estate within the office, retail, industrial/logistic, hospitality and residential sectors across Europe.

Our Investment Approach

We invest in debt and equity of commercial and residential properties and portfolios, as well as directly into real estate operating companies and servicing platforms that can provide our investments with a competitive edge to drive value.

ATUM Growth Fund I

We invest in companies engaged or operating in the renewable energy sector, principally, companies whose primary business is the origination, development, purchase, management, or operation of renewable energy projects across Europe, U.S and other developed economies.
ATUM also invests, on an ancillary basis, in companies engaged in activities related to the storage, transmission and/or distribution of renewable energy and related products.

Our Investment Approach

ATUM fund is aimed at playing an active role in the ecological transition process, through the financing of clean energy infrastructures (photovoltaic, biomethane, hydrogen, wind), leveraging on the excellent track record of an experienced leadership team.

APFI Fund I & APFI Fund II

We invest in debt instruments issued by corporate, local authority/ies and/or sovereign, denominated in any currency and across geographies. These instruments include, among others (i) debt instruments issued by special purpose vehicles and (ii) structured notes.

Our Investment Approach

APFI Fund I and APFI Fund II are focused to deliver capital growth to their investors, with a stable total return, balancing credit and interest rate risk on a long term horizon. To do that, we also utilize financial derivative instruments (including OTC financial derivative instruments) for both hedging and investment purposes.


We invest in assets and services that are essential to promote a functioning society, providing social and economic benefit.

Our Investment Approach

APINF targets companies engaged or operating in the infrastructure sector and, or any infrastructure related sector, including the utilities, transport, telecommunications and, or renewable energy sector(s), that is, companies whose primary business is the origination, development, purchase, management, and, or operation of any infrastructure assets or projects covering the underlying provision of basic services, facilities and institutions which support the growth and development of a community.
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